5 Fun & Easy Summer Getaways

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Item 140172-NTLThe mercury is rising. The kids are restless. The fans are whirring. You can't seem to get a break from the summer heat. Sounds like time for a summer getaway.

Summertime is the perfect time for a fun and easy getaway. Sure, a long summer vacation is always an option, but sometimes just a short weekend getaway can be just the perfect thing. With no fuss and no major planning, a summer weekend getaway can be the perfect answer for you and your family.

We have five fun and easy summer weekend getaway ideas just for you. Grab a tote or bag and fill it up with basic essentials like sunscreen and snacks. Pack an overnight bag with a few changes of clothing. Make it simple. The focus is on having fun!

  1. Go to the beach. Go on a fun and relaxed trip to the beach with family and friends. Throw on a cute beach t-shirt or tank top and get ready for some fun in the sun! Build a sand castle, play with a beach ball or just hang out under the umbrella soaking up the rays. No matter what you do, a beach day is the perfect time for family time.
  2. Go camping at a state park. A state park offers a variety of recreational opportunities. From swimming to bike riding to hiking on nature trails, there's something for everyone. Enjoy s'mores around a campfire. Have fun exploring all the park has to offer.
  3. Stay at a luxurious hotel. Book a stay at an upscale hotel close to home that you've always wanted to stay in. Take advantage of all the hotel's amenities during your stay. Order room service or dine at the hotel's restaurant. Throw on a cute tank top and make it a pool day. Relax by the pool and enjoy!
  4. Go fruit picking at a local farm. Find a farm near your home where you can pick your own fruits. This event will give you an opportunity to enjoy the warm summer days while experiencing something a little different from the everyday. Better yet, if you like to cook or bake, have fun making something tasty to eat with your fresh fruits when you return home.
  5. Take a tour of an ice cream factory. It is summertime of course, so why not pay homage to summer's quintessential treat by seeing how it's made. From rocky road to strawberry to the classic flavor of vanilla, learning about how this treat is made can only serve to help you love it more.

Wherever you choose to visit this summer, remember to relax, have fun and enjoy all the things summer has to offer.

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