Fall into Food

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Item 140190-HRD Apple Pie & Ice Cream T-Shirt-Heather RedFalling leaves. Cooler nights. Crisp air. Shorter days. And the familiar smell of your favorite comfort food drifting from the kitchen.
Ahh…fall is here! Don’t you just love it? Fall is the perfect time to put on that apron and head into the kitchen for some baking and cooking. It’s the ideal time to try out that new recipe you’ve wanted to make for some time now. Have fun experimenting with new ingredients or make your family’s lasagna recipe just like your grandmother used to make. Mix up that perfect batch of homemade cookies.

Oh, the comfort food options are endless! Whether you love a steaming bowl of mac and cheese, prefer a warm slice of apple pie and ice cream, or crave anything bacon-wrapped, you can’t go wrong.

Item 140182-GRN Homemade State Love Apron-Green
Throw a warm, comfy cardigan sweater or jacket over a fun foodie t-shirt and take a walk among the turning, colorful leaves. Grab a warm beverage and sit and talk with an old friend. Gather the family around the fireplace and serve your favorite meal. Enjoy a dinner party with friends. Spend time in the kitchen with your family and friends, sharing recipes and passing down grandma’s old recipes from generation to generation.

This fall, take a break from the cool days, put on your favorite apron and step inside your kitchen to make a warm serving of your favorite comfort food. Happy Fall!

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