Football Season Is Upon Us – Are You Ready?

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Item 140067-HRDFootball and tailgating…oh, how we missed you. The smell of grilled delights in the air. The sound of old friends greeting one another after a long time apart is heard all around. The music of the band resonates through the air. The anticipation of the game electrifies the air.

Conversation drifts back to football seasons of old. The old legends, the great teams, the larger-than-life quarterbacks, the unforgettable plays. How will today’s game add to football’s already great legacy? Only time will tell.

Those of us who love football wait with quiet anticipation throughout the year, waiting for that first snap of our favorite team. When football season finally arrives, we want to be ready. We need everything from fan gear to season tickets to snack foods. And don’t forget…that perfect outfit.

It’s fun to show your love of football in what you wear. Just wearing a t-shirt is a great way to show your football spirit. Get one, or two, or enough for every day of the week. Why not? After all, you’ve been patiently waiting all this time. Now is the time to show off your love of football and have some fun!

Item 140206-HBKWhether you’re gathered at the stadium, huddled at a friend’s house, seated at a restaurant or quietly tucked away in your man cave, enjoy your football! Maybe you’re cheering on a child, friend or relative on the field. No matter what you’re doing, gather with family and friends to cheer on your favorite team in your best football gear. Go team go!

So, this football season, if your friend, family member, coworker, or fellow student seems a bit more distracted, cut him or her some slack. For it is, as you know, football season. And we’ve been waiting all year, patiently, wearing our football apparel as subtle reminders of the best season of the year.

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