History of Your State

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Peering inside a cracked, dust-covered window of an old abandoned building on main street, you wonder what used to go on in this building. Old dusty shelves still line the walls. A creaky old office chair sits quietly in a far corner, waiting patiently for someone to come have a seat. Was this a former business or medical office or something else? It's hard to tell. You wonder what it would have been like in this building all those years ago. This is yet another building which adds to the rich history of your state.

The history of your state is so intriguing. The land and its people reflect a rich heritage. Since its founding, your state has developed into what it is today. The traditions and culture of the people who came before you can be seen through old architecture, art and the landscape. Some things are only short-lived while others continue generation after generation, adding to the rich history of the area. This is your heritage and you're proud of it.

Item 140209-HBG Statehood Established T-ShirtThe memories held by the people of your state stretch far back. Strike up a conversation with a longtime resident and you'll be intrigued by what he or she remembers. The heritage of your state is vibrant and deep. Each passing year only adds to it, making it ever richer. You're proud of your state and stand ready to do your part to carry on its legacy.

Our State Established T-Shirt proudly reminds you of the long history of your state. Wear it proudly and with deep respect for the people, traditions and culture that have shaped your state into what it is today.

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